Statistical Computing Using R & SAS Software and Marketing Analytics


Statistical Computing

Marketing Analytics

Programme Faculty

Dr. A.Narayanan

Adjunct Professor
Lindner School of Business
University of Cincinnati, USA

Course Duration

Two Weeks (10 Days)
Module-I: July 17 – July 21, 2017
Module-II: July 24 – July 28, 2017

Programme Venue

Loyola Institute of Business Administration
Loyola Campus
Chennai - 34

Last date

for Nomination
10th July 2017

About the Faculty

Dr. A. Narayanan is an adjunct Professor in the Department of Operations Business Analytics and Information Systems at the University of Cincinnati. Narayanan holds a B. Tech (Chem. Engg.) from Anna University, M.S. (Ind. Engg.) from I.I.T. Chennai, and a Ph.D. (Statistics) from University of Texas at Austin. His expertise is in the area of consumer research analytics, particularly in survey optimization, innovation of new methods for data collection, analysis, and implementation in the context of survey data. His current research includes market segmentation methods, driver analysis and conjoint optimization. He has a strong combination of academic and corporate experience in this area over the last 25 years. His research publications have appeared in many eminent and world class journals. He has won several research grants in the area of multivariate statistics and consumer research methods. In his teaching role, he has designed and developed courses such as Marketing Analytics and Statistical Computing.

Course Introduction

The Marketing Analytics and Statistical Computing using R and SAS software is designed for the Participants with an aptitude and facility for the application of computer tools for data management and data analysis. Specifically, they should be able to organize a medium to large sized data set having few or many variables, to subset the data set by factors, to link the data sets, and perform a variety of manipulations on the data set.


This is a two week programme with two modules with the option to attend each Module separately. The first Module is referred to as Statistical computing. The second Module is called Marketing Analytics. The modules are independent and they are covered over five days each.

Participants who wish to attend only the Second Module as a standalone, must have good understanding of concepts taught in the First Module.


Module I - Statistical computing ( 5 Days )

Major Take Aways

Participants should be capable of producing a variety of elementary data analyses on the data such as correlation, detection of outliers and the comparison of groups.
Participants should demonstrate how to produce relevant summary tables as well as graphical displays using the required computer software (SAS and R).


  • Effectively use statistical tools for making descriptive analytics using tools and packages like R

  • Compare the benefits and shortcomings of the various parameters identified

  • Broadly relate packages for research especially in marketing

  • Pursue further study on computational tools for data management and analysis

Module II - Marketing Analytics ( 5 Days )

The objective of this Module is to teach topics of multivariate statistics that are used in business decision making. The emphasis of the module will be on applications and use of several statistical software packages for analyzing data.

Major Take Aways

  • Translate management problems into feasible research questions & understand how to design and conduct in-depth statistical analysis

  • Consult with clients to design and create analytical deliverables that impact business results

  • Use multivariate software packages (SAS/SPSS/R) to conduct appropriate multivariate statistical analysis and communicate significant business results with clarity

  • Compete distinctively in the job market (especially in data analysis and in the market research field) with knowledge of multivariate statistics and related software

  • Communicate effectively and succinctly, the insights, obtained from marketing analytics projects into actionable results for leadership and executive management action.


R.S.Sathya Saminadan

Manager, Management Development Centre

Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA),

Loyola College Campus, Chennai - 600034.

T): (91) 44 28177231 / 96000 49200

Course Fee

For One Module Rs. 36,000 plus Service Tax.
For Two Modules Rs. 60, 000 Plus Service Tax.

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